The Tiger

One of the principles of Buddhism instructs you to inhabit the way of the Tiger. The Tiger embodies discernment, gentleness, and precision.

I try to remind myself of this as I stand in line at the cash of Bulk Barn with my seven plastic sacks, stuffed to the rim, the weight dragging my arm down. The woman in front of me argues aggressively over her receipt, shoving it in the woman at the register’s face.


“You charged me twice”. “No ma’am I-”, “Look here I am positive -”. Discernment, gentleness, and precision, I think. My arm acts out mechanically, the bags deadly weapons and I’m a hunter who’s spied its prey. In a burst of unsuspected rage I swing at the woman’s head and hear a satisfying thud as bulk meets flesh. I drop my bags on the ground and leave the shop, hands empty yet inexplicably hungry for more.

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